welcome to knox

-  embracing new seasons  -


Standing in a field rolling with tall wispy green grass, I am across from some of my beautiful clients capturing their new engagement. I am so excited for them and love what I get to do, but it is evident to all of us that this Deep South heat is a bit uncomfortable.

I found myself wishing that the cool crisp air of fall would hurry and grace us with it’s presence. However, it’s funny, when the air is cool, I often find myself wishing for warm summer days. Life sure does come in seasons and no one season is necessarily completely better than the other. 

You see, I find myself in a new season. My husband and I have moved to Knoxville, TN! Wow, it’s been a crazy few months, but I am so excited for this new season. Granted, there’s so much uncertainty and some things that aren’t so great about the move:

being far from family, traveling a lot, and not being familiar with the area.

However, after watching my husband spend hours and hours in prayer, I know this is the right place to be in this new season of life. I LOVE the area, the people are welcoming, we have a cute house, and I get to watch my husband pursue his dream of getting his PhD in Finance!

I am so excited to start shooting the wonderful people up here and to continue serving those in Georgia! I know this season won’t last forever; and for the next 4-5 years, I am going to enjoy everything that it brings, give God the glory that He deserves while doing it, and not wish for the cooler weather of another season.

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